We carry hundreds of tile designs from 1" to 8" square, along with border tiles and trim pieces. 4" solid-color start at $.98.  

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The solid tiles here are just a fraction of what we carry starting at $.98 for 4" pieces. 


Our collection of Puebla tiles, 2” to 8”, are available only through our Berkeley, California store. The tiles here are just a fraction of the hundreds we carry. They are handcrafted in a family workshop in Puebla, Mexico, the city often referred to as the cradle of Talavera. Spanish missionaries exported the Talavera art form from the Spanish town of Talavera de la Reina (hence the name) to establish it in Puebla, Mexico, in the18th century.  Puebla tiles reflect the original historic ceramic designs influenced by the Moorish excursions into Spain.  


Installations Gallery 


By purchasing handmade tile customers should be aware of the following:

All tile is made by hand and can be slightly irregular in size; it is often the case that no two pieces are exactly alike.  Because our tile is hand made Talavera Ceramics & Tile cannot be responsible for subtle variations in color, design, and size.  We so advise because there are no refunds on special orders.   Not all decorative tiles can be used for horizontal application (floors) or in freezing temperatures.  Our staff or your tile installer can advise on these applications.

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